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The Most Useful Gardening App

Are any of you on Gardenize? Come visit my digital garden. It’s a tool that I use to keep track of what I have planted and where it’s located at in my space. I already have a hundred passwords to remember so imagine keeping up with 100+ plants.🧠 overload. It’s also a great way to journal your plant journey and set reminders for various tasks like pruning, repotting, fertilizing or watering. Download it, set up your account and search for my profile (Nikki Azeez). 💚🌱🍃 #gardenize #plantmama

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(318) 376-8093


About Us

Flowers Feed The Soul


Have you ever met someone who spent more time outdoors in their yard than inside their home? Well, that pretty much sums me up to a tee. I‘m Nikki, a plant lover,  who finds the beauty in simple things. Bringing those things which I love inside the home and creating a sanctuary brings me great joy. I‘d love to share a piece of my world with you and help to green up your space as well. Whether it’s your home, car or office I’m sure there’s a plant that can fit your needs. I encourage you to stop by to visit me at one of the local vendor events or makers market to check out my selection of carefully curated plants. I‘m also available most weekends in Sterlington if you want to drop by to see whats in stock because I’m constantly expanding the collection and sourcing unique plants that can’t be found in chain stores. So if anything excites you please let me know so that we can see how to add it to your plant collection. I look forward to seeing you. Happy Planting! 

Plant Health Is My Ultimate Goal


I’m a plant mama and I go above and beyond to make sure that my plants are happy, well fed and cared for. I use organic, non gmo products and I’m very cautious about protecting our pollinators. I research, stock and even hand prepare my own potting mediums and fertilizers if I can’t find exactly what I need. Please feel free to ask for a custom blend for your plant baby.

Satisfaction Guarantee


We guarantee to provide healthy plants, true to variety and in prime condition for growing. Clear instructions for planting are located on the plant label, and care instructions are provided on our website and Facebook page. 


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