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Watering 101

How to water your succulent

Every gardener will have a different system in place for watering their plants. I’ll share tips to help you until you get comfortable enough to create your own schedule. 

  1. The watering schedule for your plant will be largely determined by where you live, the growing environment, the time of the year (Spring, Summer, Fall) and the individual plant. 
  2. Water your succulent when the soil is almost completely dry. You can check the dryness three different ways: you can buy a moisture meter, stick your finger in the dirt to see if it’s dry around the root ball or you can stick a dry chopstick into the soil. If wet dirt sticks to the chopstick , the succulents does not need to be watered. 
  3. There is really no magic timeline to follow when it comes to watering succulents some people water their succulents every few days or as far part as once every month. It’s always better to under water than to over water. More frequent watering may be required during the summer or in the spring months when the weather is a bit hotter. Where as during the Fall and Winter when some of the succulents are in their dormancy phase they will require less frequent watering as compared to those kept outdoors. Again always check the soil for dryness.
  4. Use a watering can or syringe to avoid spraying the plants with high-pressure streams of water which can damage your plant and displace soil all around the roots, causing instability.
  5. Make sure to soak your succulent until water flows from the drainage hole. Your plant will establish strong root systems with a deep watering. You’re training your plants to expect a heavy watering. Only do this if your plant is completely dry. As this will also encourage your plant to expand its root system in anticipation of the next heavy watering.